Race Reports from the Women: Healthy Kidney 10k

Report from Jacy Kruzel and Veronica Jackson of the Open:

Ivette Mejia led the way for the CPTC Open Women’s Team 3rd place finish.  She mentioned the race went out a little faster than she wanted but was determine to compete and not hold back, evidenced by her 11th overall finish in a very competitive field.  She also PR-ed by 37 seconds in the process of landing herself the #7 spot on the CPTC Best List!  Even more impressive, she landed herself into the NYRR’s President’s Circle!!! Way to set up the team for a great day Ivette!

Ivette Mejia

Our next scorer was Grace White, taking it out aggressively and not looking back.  She enjoyed hearing Coach Tony and her teammates shout words of encouragement on the West Side Hills.  With everyone’s cheers and the great weather – she ran her 2nd fastest 10K!

Grace White

Our 3rd scorer was Alysia Dusseau, who followed up a PR in the NYC Half with ANOTHER PR, this race by 6 seconds!  Collen McGurk showed once again that age is just a number.  She double dipped – helping score for both the Open Women AND Master’s women. 

Our 5th & 6th place runners showed the strong pack we have, as Katherine Carrington: and Lindsay Kos worked together to push each other to the finish.  Lindsay was approaching it as a workout, and still ran a 17 second PR!  Both Lindsay and Katherine mentioned how big of a help CPTC male teammate Daniel Ifcher was.  He was tempo-ing pre-Boston and brought both girls with him as they kicked it in the last mile. Way to truly exemplify the meaning of a team!

There were a lot of other great races that make us look forward to the spring and summer races to come!  Just a reminder that many fall races have opened up, so please make sure to sign up for them before they fill up!  See you out on the bridal!!!

Jacy & Veronica


Report from Ani Go of the 40+ & 50+:

Finally Mother Nature decided to be kind to us and granted us near perfect racing conditions for the Healthy Kidney 10k!  The scoring team of the fierce Colleen McGurk, your Captain Ani, and golden speedster Barbara Byrne brought home 3rd place for the 40+ team. 

Colleen‘s new nickname should be PR Queen, and her theme song should be “Oops, I Did It Again”, as she has captured yet another PR with her 39:07, just missing her goal of sub-39.  In addition, she ran the NYC Half Marathon a couple of weeks ago…and…what’s that? I hear that song–as she PR’s in the half–Oops she did it again!  Keep them coming!  These last 2 races puts her on the masters best list for both those distances.  And she scored for both the open and 40+ masters teams!

Captain Ani is just getting back into the game, 44:33 puts her back into the top 10 in age and is the best 10k time she’s had in a couple of years! She’s also pleased that her little contribution tucked her into the scoring team. ☺️ She didn’t know what to expect, and ran hard enough to warrant a short trip to the med tent. “Just wanted the free bottle of Gatorade!” she claimed.

Rounding up our scoring team is the great golden speedster Barbara Byrne, yet again hitting the triple tally scoring for the 40, 50, and her own 60+ team!  She blazes the way handily winning her age group. Personally, my morale is always lifted when I see her at a race! ?⚡️

We had additional 40+ support from Meg Blake!  Thanks for coming out to represent!  


The women’s 50+ team is off to a strong start! Once again, the incredible Barbara Byrne of the 60+ team heads to score for the 50s, followed by Wonder Wanda Wang, and our awesome 60 and 70+ Captain Sylvie to put the ladies on the podium in 3rd place!  Sylvie also scores for 60 and leads for the 70+teams!  Both Barbara and Sylvie sit pretty atop their age groups, and both smashed the 85% AG!  These ladies, and Wanda, are inspirations and badass runners in their own right.  

Of course I have to add that the 60+ladies came in 2nd and our fantastic new baby 70+team were on top of the mountain in 1st place! 

Congrats all!

Our next points race is the Brooklyn Half on May 20th–while it’s sold out, bibs have been sporadically available so it’s really the last chance to get in now.  Really. We mean it this time.

Good luck to our Boston and London marathoners!  

Go orange!!!

Captain Ani


Report from Sylvie Kimche of the 60+ & 70+:

On a sunny, brisk and pleasant Sunday morning, our Golden 60+ & 70+ Ladies toed the line of the UAE Healthy Kidney 10K.

Our W70+ team comprised of Lynn Blackstone, Barbara Fratta and your captain Sylvie Kimche came in 1st. The W60+ team of Barbara Byrne helped by Barbara F & Sylvie K managed 2nd place in a competitive field.

Lynn Blackstone – after an epic perseverance to get a late entry bib so we would have a team – was 3rd for the W70+ team in 1:20:58 and was 3rd too in her W75-79 age group.

She was happy and thankful for her result:

First a shout out to Michael Konig for successfully treating my piriformis muscle pull and a shout out to Sylvie Kimche and David Greenberg for helping my registration for the race be accepted.  For me the race was wonderful, I “ran” the whole distance, my first real run in perhaps seven weeks, and perhaps my slowest 10 K ever.  Now let’s see what a little bit of training might do!!! 

Lynn is an inspiration to us all !!!

Barbara Fratta was 2nd for the team in 1:10:42, good for 5th in the W70-74 age group. Even though this was not her best by far, Barbara was positive about her race and the season ahead:

While today was a slow race for me, I will keep my recap positive. The weather was beautiful and the course was familiar.  I ran the hills by staying behind a tall person so I would not see was what was ahead. I know these hills well but tried to out-think myself and not let my head rule my legs. It almost worked. Anyway, I’m thankful that I was able to help our 70+ women place 1st. Looking forward to getting my body better conditioned, after a two month hiatus, and improving my running.

Way to go Barbara

Your team captain, Sylvie Kimche was 1st for the W70+ team, in 51:26, 1st in her W70-74 age group with a 87.39% AG%:

I pushed hard in the 2nd half – I must admit I was pushed by my long-time friend and teammate Stuart Calderwood… I managed negative splits and a 20 seconds improvement on my time in the Spring Classic 10K 2 weeks earlier. So can’t complain. Hopefully i’m getting back slowly but surely to my form of a year ago (adjusted for being one year older of course…that’s why we love the AG% results when we get older….?)

The W60+ team was led as usual by Barbara Byrne. She ran 48:32 (a 40″ improvement on her time in the Spring Classic 10K 2 weeks ago!…). She was 1st in her W65-69 age group with a 85.82% AG%…

Barbara has definitely got her speed back!

In the absence of other W60+ runners, both Sylvie and Barbara F scored for the W60+ team.

Barbara B & Sylvie also helped Wanda Wang to a 3rd place in the W50+ age group.

And runner extraordinaire Barbara Byrne also scored 3rd place for the W40+ team and helped Colleen McGurk and Ani Go to a 3rd place W40+ team! ?

So a big shout-out and kudos to both Barbaras (and myself too…?) for our scoring for multiple teams….  And a big thank and congrats to Lynn for getting us to 1st place in the W70+ (the only CPTC team to achieve 1st place in that race…)

Thanks to Tony for the loud cheering as usual and congrats to all the Orange teams for their amazing results once more.

Next team race is the Brooklyn Half on May 20. As usual, the W60+ & W70+ will be MIA….?… sorry….

Good luck to all the other CPTC teams!


Sylvie ???

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