Race Reports for the Women: Washington Heights 5k

Report from Ani Go of the 40+ & 50+:

What a start to the race season!  This was the coldest kickoff that I can recall.  Stats say 14 degrees, and last year it was 28 degrees–twice as warm as this year.  Let’s hope we don’t get 7 degrees next year or we’ll have to train in a meat locker to get used to the cold.  With penguins.  And filet mignons.  

Despite that, the Masters 40+ and 50+ teams went out and got it done…with a twist!  The 40+ team–led by the incredible Judy Stobbe and speedy newcomer Susan Doyle-Lindrud–are both on the 50+ team!  Third to score was your little Captain Ani of the 40+ Lady Oranges, and third we placed for our 2017 season debut.  

The Lady Judy had this to say about her race:  

That was ONE cold one!  Looking at this as my ‘end of indoor track season tempo’!  Definitely suffering a little endurance, but always a great way to see fellow CPTC’ers!  Way off a PR, but wasn’t expecting that as I couldn’t feel my feet or hands!  🙂 Super proud of our master’s teams in making the podium!!

Judy placed 2nd in her age group as well!  Not a bad way to start off on the roads!

And the spectacular Susan D-L says:

That was the coldest weather I have ever raced in!! It was also my second race in the past 6 years and my first race since the last Washington Heights race one year ago.  It is a fun race when not so cold, and it was great to hear the CPTC cheering along the course along with Tony coaching me up the final  big hill!! Thank you Tony!  We had a strong 50 plus team out there and glad I could be a part of it!  I am looking forward to more team races, in warmer weather!!

Welcome to the team, Susan!  We can’t wait to see you out there racing in the orange!  Susan isn’t new to the racing scene–she’s been an incredible runner for more than half her life, literally, running in the NYRR races and placing in her age group in most of them, including 3rd place in this race.  We’re lucky to have her on our team and will help her reach new (Washington?!) heights!  

Ani Go

Photo: Andy Kiss

Me, Captain Ani, was the caboose and is an actual 40+ to score!  What do I have to say about the race?  I felt like a tiny popsicle with legs.  Tiny frozen legs.  And a numb face.  My time was good enough for a top 10 age group finish.  I’ll take it!

Also representing for the 40+ team was Meg Blake.  Brave Meg Blake!

Sue Pearsall

Photo: Andy Kiss

Our 50+ Masters Women took home the gold!  There was an overflow of talent with Judy Stobbe and Susan Doyle-Lindrud again leading the scorers and Veep Sue Pearsall closing out the ring of gold.  The scoring ladies came in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th respectively, in their age group!  More strong representation came in the form of Stacy Creamer (also placing in the top 10 of her age group), and Wanda Wang.  Way to go ladies!  

Stacy Creamer

Photo: Andy Kiss

In other masters news, the great Colleen McGurk (who wasn’t feeling well for this race), did once again PR at the Al Gordon 4-miler! Colleen pr’d (again!) and just missed 3rd place female overall by 2 seconds. TWO SECONDS ?! 

24:47 for the 4mi…she bested her last year’s Japan Run time by 1 second ?!!!  This replaces her Japan Day run time on the masters all time best list! 

Congrats to all!  

Next up–the Healthy Kidney 10k on April 9th!  Sign up now!

Report from Sylvie Kimche of the 60+ & 70+:

On a frigid Sunday morning in early March (the coldest weather we’ve ever had for this race…) 3 of our brave W70+ ladies, Judith Tripp, Barbara Fratta & Lynn Blackstone toed the line and finished the race to take 3rd place…

…and in the absence of a W60+ team, they all double-dipped to score for the W60+ in 5th place! Way to go!

Judith was 1st for the team in 31:30, a10:09 pace. She was 2rd in her age group

Barbara F was 2nd for the team in 34:26, a 11:05 pace, in her first race in a long lay-off due to knee injury. She was 5th in her age group.

Here are her comments:

While it was a cold day in NY, I don’t mind running in this weather.  Due to knee issues, I have not been able to run for two months. This was my first week back, and I thought a 5K race would would be a good indicator of my readiness.  Though I was 5 min slower than last year, I was excited just to be able to race.  While my knee held up pretty well, this nasty cold I’ve been fighting caused some breathing issues. I did keep Ani’s description of the race in mind, and she was spot on.  That last mile almost did me in, but I focused on her descriptions and admired the scenery to take my mind off that painful last hill.  OK, I did have to walk a bit but picked it up on the final downhill.  Finishing was my reward. My goal is to recap a race with only positive feedback, with no whining about injuries or illness.

We’re so glad to see you back Barbara and hope your knee will keep quiet from now on….

Lynn completed the team in 53:32. She was 2th in her 75-79 age group.

Here is what Lynn had to say about her race:

The race, even with the cold – which was somewhat overplayed – was great fun, even for me, who was able to “run” the first mile and then walk the rest of the way; and I am a slow walker!!!  So, it’s off to see Michael Konig this week to try to diagnosis and then mend my upper right leg issue.  I am almost certain it is not a joint issue.

Lynn, we hope you find out what the problem is and that you heal completely and quickly!

Congrats to all the other CPTC teams for their brilliant results!

And thanks to Tony for cheering and exhorting his runners as usual!

Next team race is the Healthy Kidney 10K on Sunday April 9.

I sure hope to be healthy for that race and join our W70+ team! (And there  should not be any problems with the results as the course is a full loop of the park, so no turning around…)



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