CPTC Masters Athletes to Follow on Strava

In addition to our profile of open athletes, we’ve compiled a list of some of the top Central Park Track Club New Balance Masters athletes to follow on Strava! We love Strava and are excited to have so many members share their training and participate in our CPTC NB Strava Club. Check back often as we’ll update this page with new athletes over time. And if you’re not on Strava yet, what are you waiting for!?

Name: Hank Schiffman (yes, it really is Hank)

Event/s: 400 relay to Half Marathon. I’m a Swiss army knife; I have a blade for everything. I might not be the very best blade but they all work.

Personal bests:

2010 Fifth Avenue Mile: 5:29, 84.8%

2010 Harry Murphy XC 5k: 20:09, 80.2%

2016 Percy Sutton 5k:20:23, 83.15%

2015 Retro 4 Miler: 25:56, 84.5%

2011 Scotland 10K:39:57, 84.3%

2014 Brooklyn Half:1:31:42, 82.92%

Favorite workout/run: Tony’s Tuesday evening track workouts at the NB Armory

Favorite place you have run: NB Armory: the world’s best surface & Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah: you reach your Max HR pretty quickly

Favorite athlete to follow on Strava: Alan Ruben, he doesn’t mind getting wet, very wet

Favorite Strava entry (can be yours or someone else’s): My Saturday mtn biking forays; they leave little doubt that I’m certifiable

Personal “running” motto: Frank Handelman’s “It is better to be 10% undertrained than 1% overtrained”

Name: Ani Go

Event/s: track, XC, roads (Jill of all running trades!)

Personal bests: 3:20:32 marathon, 20:30 Hoboken UMC 5k, 5:58 Fifth Ave Mile, 21:53 Kurt Steiner 5k XC

Favorite workout/run: 2x5k starting from Danny W to the pencil by the Met and back!  400’s on the track.

Favorite place you have run: I’ve run all over the world in Paris, Rome, Venice, Sydney, Barcelona, Phoenix, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, and New York of course.  Central Park in NY is still my favorite place to run.

Favorite athlete to follow on Strava: everyone on Central Park Track Club!

Favorite Strava entry (can be yours or someone else’s):  anything from CPTC team member Gregg Lemos-Stein (who is in London for now)

Personal running motto: Running is one of the most self sufficient and rewarding things you can do for yourself.  All you need is a place to run and the desire.

Name: Matt DeAngelis

Event/s: 5 mile to Marathon

Personal bests: Masters PRs 5 Mi – 27:50 / 10 Mi – 57:02 / Half 1:16:02 / Marathon: 2:57:45

Favorite workout/run: Progression Intensity Long Runs 18 Miles or more

Favorite place you have run: Pre’s Trail in Eugene, OR and Magnolia Road in Boulder, CO (saw Emma Coburn!)

Favorite athlete to follow on Strava: Anyone in Orange, Go CPTC!

Personal running motto: Be Committed, Be Patient and You Will be Rewarded

Name: Amy Kvilhaug

Event/s: This is a work in progress to narrow it down because I have run everything from the 4×400 to the marathon.  A rather wide range I’d say.  Looking forward to focusing on some middle distance this winter to really see if I can get my grove going on the track.  I’m likely a little better on the track than on the roads, though I do love the roads!

Personal bests:

800m – 2:31:12; Mile – 5:35; 5K – 19:32; 4M – 25:19; 5M – 32:20;  10K – 41:56; Half Marathon – 1:28:50; Marathon – 3:20:12

Favorite workout/run: On the track, I’d say I enjoy doing some type of ladder work (mile, 1200, 1000, 800, 600, 400) and of course a workout full of 400’s are always a blast.  On the roads, I like to do tempo’s in the range of 4 miles.  Last week we did a 4 mile tempo in Central Park, recovered around 800m and then did a 1k pickup.  I enjoyed that.

Favorite place you have run: I travel quite a bit so have run in some really cool places.  Every winter I go to Aruba so running along the Caribbean is gorgeous.  I once ran on a cool trail through caves to the Hoover Dam in Nevada.  And I always enjoy running along the Pacific Ocean when I am out in Cali for work. However, nothing beats our home turf of Central Park.  It’s just the best!  So many options, plenty of water fountains, gorgeous city views, and lots of friendly faces.

Favorite athlete to follow on Strava: All my CPTC-NB teammates and friends in the running community.  It’s so cool to support everyone in their endeavors and training.  We runners take so much pride in what we do – and this stuff isn’t easy so to share with each other on Strava makes it really fun.

Favorite Strava entry (can be yours or someone else’s): My teammate Colleen McGurk usually has some pretty funny and inspiring material.  She and I often go back and forth about the trials and tribulations of races or workouts in a hilarious fashion.  Gosh so many fun and inspiring strava posts – too many to mention just one!  Love that Strava is a place where runners can post all kinds of things and we all just pretty much get it.

Personal “running” motto: First and foremost, compete hard but compete against yourself and your best. Run YOUR race. There is always something to be learned and always room for improvement.  The greatest thing about running is that age is just a number and there is always something to strive for. Support teammates and friends’ goals and aspirations​. Lastly, remain mentally tough through that finish line and in a race longer than 800m, pace yourself (I’ve learned the hard way that you don’t go out in every race at 100m pace 😉

My absolute favorite quote about running (and really anything in life) and all the training we put forth in hopes that it will pay dividends is this: “Look at a stone cutter hammering away at his rock, perhaps a hundred times without as much as a crack showing in it. Yet at the hundred-and-first blow it will split in two, and I know it was not the last blow that did it, but all that had gone before.”

Name: David Greenberg

Masters PRs: 3000: 10:01; 5000: 17:16; 8k: 28:39; HM: 1:20:30

Favorite run: A long run in Rockefeller State Park in Sleepy Hollow – you can run forever there, on dirt roads in knickerbocker paradise.  And 800 repeats around the north loop in Central Park – my secret weapon.

Favorite place to run: A trail along the Connecticut River in Hanover, New Hampshire. It has pine trees, a giant lazy river and pedigree – it is part of the Dartmouth College cross country course.

Favorite Athlete to follow: Ben True put every workout up on Strava over the summer – fascinating to watch a world class athlete train through a seaon. Lesson learned: There is no magic – just a lot of very consistent work.

Favorite Strava Entry: I always like to see the pictures people put up – it reminds me that runners are fortunate to be outside every day and see so many beautiful things.

Personal running motto: “Blessed.” We are blessed to be able to run, train and race. Telling myself that during a tough race or workout puts things in perspective

Name: Therese (“Resie”) Caffrey

Event/s: Mile, 3k, 5k (track) & Occasional 4mile on the roads

Personal bests: 5:20 mile,10:19 3K, 17:54 5k, 24:21 4 mile

Favorite workout/run: 4-5  x 1k  @ 3k pace.  It’s a nice balance of speed and endurance and I find it prepares me well for both the 3k and 5k.

Favorite place you have run: There are a series parks near my parent’s house (Hartshorne & Huber Woods) that are interconnected by some great dirt roads.  The scenery is spectacular, the hills are insane and I have great memories of running there with my dad as a kid and through High School and College.  Running there hits every sense and emotion…makes me forget about the pain of those hills!!

Favorite athlete to follow on Strava: I’ve enjoyed following all the CPTC athletes since rejoining the club this fall.  It is awe inspiring to see the dedication and hard work put in day after day!  It is also great to see the super easy days.  It is a great reminder that recovery is key!

Favorite Strava entry (can be yours or someone else’s):  Hands down that honor goes to Amy K.’s 20 mile run on Marathon Sunday!!!  Such a badass!!

Personal running motto:  Run healthy, Run happy and the rest will come!  This is new mantra after many years of injuries and beating myself up!!  It’s only taken 39 years of running but i am finally learning

Name: David Alm

Event/s: 5K to Half Marathon (retired from the marathon in 2013) 

Personal bests: 5K 16:26, 5M 27:42, 10K 34:56, 15K 53:35, HM 1:17:45

Favorite workout/run: 12 miles incorporating 8×600 at 5K in Prospect Park at dawn  

Favorite place you have run: Pacific Northwest

Favorite athlete to follow on Strava: James Chu, of NBR, because I train with him and he’s helping me stay fast as I ease into my 40s

Favorite Strava entry (can be yours or someone else’s): “There aren’t enough roads for all the runs.”

Personal running motto: “It beats smoking.”

Click here to see Colleen’s Strava Profile!

Event/s: 3000M to half marathon

Personal bests: 5000m: 18:58 / 3000m: 11:02 / 10k: 39:34 / 10M: 1:05:37 / HM: 1:26:28

Favorite workout/run: Van Cortlandt Park – Love/Hate relationship with those hills!!

Favorite place you have run: Ireland – through a field of sheep

Favorite athlete to follow on Strava: CPTC NB RUNNING CLUB – I LOVE to see what my teammates are up to

Favorite Strava entry: Today I learned running in pouring rain makes me run faster” Japan Day 2016 entry

Personal “running” motto: Faster as a Master

Why you should follow: Keeping it Real! Providing all the gory and delightful details about workouts/runs/races – the good, bad and ugly.

Name: Alan Ruben

Event/s: Marathon and all road distances down to 1 mile

Personal bests (Age Date Race Time Pace):

35 9/26/92 5TH AVENUE MILE 4:35 (4:35)

40 3/21/97 MASTERS NATIONALS 3000 9:05.06 (4:52)

37 6/29/94 PROSPECT PARK 5K 15:39 (5:02)

36 6/16/93 CORPORATE CHALLENGE 3.5M 17:54 (5:07)

39 2/22/97 SNOWFLAKE 4M 20:49 (5:12)

42 8/21/99 CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP 5M 26:09 (5:14)

36 3/21/93 RITES OF SPRING 10K 32:54 (5:18)

44 2/16/02 AL GORDON 15K 50:20 (5:24)

39 3/31/96 CHERRY BLOSSOM 10M 53:04 (5:18)

39 2/ 9/97 CENTRAL PARK 20K 1:07:22 (5:25)

36 9/19/93 PHILADELPHIA DISTANCE RUN 1:11:29 (5:27)

38 12/17/95 HOLIDAY 25K 1:26:05 (5:33)

40 9/ 7/97 NYC MARATHON TUNE-UP 30K 1:45:57 (5:41)

40 2/ 8/98 PRESIDENTIAL 20M 1:53:03 (5:39)

41 4/20/98 BOSTON MARATHON 2:29:54 (5:43)

Favorite workout/run: 3 x 1.6 mile loops of the Central Park Reservoir, each one 20 seconds per mile pace faster than previous

Favorite place you have run: Mohonk Preserve

Favorite athlete to follow on Strava: Paul Thompson

Favorite Strava entry (can be yours or someone else’s): World Masters Half Marathon Champs (1st M50 in 1:12:47) – Paul Thompson

Personal “running” motto: You can only do your best

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