CPTC New Balance Athletes to Follow on Strava

We’ve compiled a list of some of the top Central Park Track Club New Balance athletes to follow on Strava! We love Strava and are excited to have so many members share their training and participate in our CPTC NB Strava Club. Check back often as we’ll update this page with new athletes over time. Don’t forget to check out our Masters runners as well! And if you’re not on Strava yet, what are you waiting for!?

Click here to see Dani’s Strava Profile!

Event/s: 5k-Marathon

Personal bests: 20:50 in 5k; 42:53 in 10k; 1:32:41 in half marathon; 3:20:45 in marathon

Favorite workout/run: My favorite workout is 2 x 4 mile with the first 4 at marathon pace and the second 4 at half-marathon pace.

Favorite place you have run: Favorite place to run in NYC is the bridle path. I also love to run in Florence, Italy – the views and sights are amazing!

Favorite athlete to follow on Strava: Carly Gill

Favorite Strava entry (can be yours or someone else’s): “I am BeyoncĂ©” Tempo Tuesday by Anoush Arakelian

Personal “running” motto: disassociate from the pain

Jordy Smilde

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Event(s): 800m to mile

Personal bests: 1:52.69 in 800m; 2:29.91 in 1000m; 3:58.40 in 1500m

Favorite workout: 500 – 300 – 200 at 800m race pace. 5:00 rest

Favorite place you have run: Along the Roaring Fork River in Aspen, Colorado

Favorite athlete to follow on Strava: Kilian Jornet

Why to follow Jordy: I try to post pictures of all my runs when I’m traveling, which is often.

Favorite Strava entry (can be yours or someone else’s): My big PR last year at the Ted Corbitt 15k

Motto / Advice: sometimes the best workout can be a day off

Click here to see Caleb’s Strava Profile!

Event(s): 3k through half marathon

Personal best(s): 3:48.32 in 1500; 8:03.39 in 3k; 13:57.09 in 5k; 48:22 in 15k; 1:07:28 in half marathon

Favorite workout: 10×400 starting at 5k pace ending at 3k pace. 90 seconds jog recovery

Favorite athlete to follow on Strava: Ben True

Why to follow Caleb: To see how it is possible to run a quarter of your weekly mileage on a bridge. Warning: There will also be a heavy dose of biking and fun adventures

Motto / Advice: Quality over quantity

Event/s: 5K through Ultra-Marathon and Ironman
Personal bests: 2:51:01 Boston Marathon, 10:13:18 Ironman Muskoka

Favorite workout/run: 4 x Central Park lower loop (1.7mi) @ MP, HMP, 10M, 10k

Favorite place you have run: Lake Tahoe – Went on a great 17 mile run over Diamond Peak in Lake Tahoe looking out at the lake almost the whole time

Favorite athlete to follow on Strava: My friend Steve Pretak who has quickly become one of the best trail runners in Fort Collins, CO

Favorite Strava entry (can be yours or someone else’s): If it’s only related to running I would say this Bear Mountain Trail Run. But I also once biked to my friends wedding in the Catskills. That was epic

Personal “running” motto: “I just wanna go fast” – Ricky Bobby

Click here to see Greg’s Strava Profile!

Event/s: Generally roads, 5k up to the marathon

Personal bests:
5K – 15:48 (2016, Coogan’s)
10K – 32:21 (2016, Scotland Run)
Half Marathon – 1:09:20 (2016, NYC Half)
Marathon – 2:30:44 (2011, NYC)

Favorite workout/run:
Long run with a natural progression – always fun / nice when those
last few miles at an honest pace feel smooth and easy.

Favorite place you have run: When I travel to NorCal for work, running on Stanford’s campus, the track, and around the Dish put me in a happy place (despite no actual connection to that area). I’m also a big fan of the Red Rock Canyon loop outside of Las Vegas – long, hard uphill grind rewarded by an equally long downhill, all with incredible views (and unlimited vices waiting for you not long after finishing).

Favorite athlete to follow on Strava: My teammates – always impressed at what they accomplish, and they help keep me motivated.
Favorite Strava entry (can be yours or someone else’s): Tough one. I’ll take 2015 Christmas’ run from Center City Philly out to the ‘burbs. This was a run I had planned for years – my parents live in the city and my wife’s parents live outside the city where we grew up. One-way long runs are a rarity, but holiday plans set this up perfectly and I took advantage. The weather was incredible (balmy 50s, maybe even 60s?), the paths were completely empty, and it ended up being a nice progression.

Personal “running” motto: It’s all about the sum total – consistent miles and workouts are more important than the details of any single run.

Event/s: 1k- 3k, the occasional road 5k if Devon tells me to
Personal bests: 1k in 2:49.2; 1500m in 4:24.54

Favorite workout/run: I love a solo progression run in the Rockefeller Preserve up in Sleepy Hollow, NY. I also get pretty psyched about 10x300m with 1 to 1:30 rest. We usually do that at a time of a year when everyone is feeling really sharp and you’re feeling a PR around the corner.

Favorite place you have run: Sechelt, British Columbia. I would also have to say, the Rockefeller Preserve, especially in the Fall or dead of Winter.

Favorite athlete to follow on Strava: Ryan Starbuck. He has such a great attitude towards running, biking, adventuring in general. Hi Ryan!

Favorite Strava entry (can be yours or someone else’s): My favorite Strava entries are usually my cool down. They are so slow. I’m usually dragging someone along with me.

Personal “running” motto: My mom will sometimes say to me, “Can’t you just take an off day?”

Corey WallClick here to see Corey’s Strava Profile!

Event(s): 800m – mile, primarily

Personal bests: 1:51.70 in 800m; 2:25.56 in 1000m; 3:50.20 in 1500m

Favorite workout: 6×600 @ mile pace, with last 1-2 faster. 2:00 rest. You need some endurance to get through the first 2/3 of the workout but then you can really test your speed in the last couple

Favorite athlete to follow on Strava: my wife, Melany!

Favorite Strava entry (can be yours or someone else’s): Probably my victory in the JPMorgan NYC Corporate Challenge in 2015. This was a 5k PR by over a minute. Also, hiking down Samaria Gorge on our honeymoon in Greece was amazing!

Why to follow Corey: see how many different routes and loops he can make in Central Park as he chases a fast mile

Motto / Advice: train smart, not hard

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