Race Reports from the Men: Percy Sutton

From Greg Cass of the Open:

Road races that take place on paved surfaces outside of NYC’s amazing park system are actually pretty rare – not only does the Percy Sutton Harlem 5K offer a unique opportunity to run fast on actual NYC streets, but it also provides a nice tour of a part of the city that many racers may not ordinarily visit.  The weather was warm – this is a late August race after all – but the temperature and humidity dropped enough to give us a reprieve from some of the oppressive conditions of the previous weeks and enable some fast times.  Almost all of the scoring team fought through legs deadened by heightened volume and marathon workouts, but the Open Men still impressed with a solid third place finish.

Matt Rand lead the team with a quick 15:28, executing an impressively large negative split after a relaxed 5:10 first mile that helped wake his legs up from being at the end of the 2 highest mileage weeks of his running career.  Not far behind was Kyle Marks in 15:39.  Matt, Kyle, and fourth finisher Connor Rose (16:29) are all training together for the Chicago Marathon in October.  You can track Connor on Strava: https://www.strava.com/athletes/3336541Greg Cass came in as the team’s third finisher in 16:12 – although not taking on a fall marathon this year, Greg is still hoping to put a good stretch of training together for Bronx and Staten Island.  Rounding out the scoring 5 was Fritz Huber, also running 16:29.  Fritz is even closer to his fall marathon in Berlin on September 25 – popping off a quick 5K with a month to go is a good sign that there’s life in those legs for a fast 26.2!

Congrats to the rest of the Club for another great race.  The scoring season comes like a flurry in the fall, with distances also increasing.  Happy training to everyone gearing up for a fall marathon.  And for those of you racing down Fifth Avenue over Labor Day Weekend – be fast!


From David Greenberg of the 40+:

The CPTC 40+ men firmed their second place in the standings with another podium at Percy Sutton, finishing second.

Scorers were:

Matthew DeAngelis (16:51/81.99%/3rd  40-44)

Mohammed Lahseni (17:18/83.37%/2nd 45-49)

Eduardo Ribeiro Ferreira (17:30/78.92%/6th 40-44)


Unofficial standings after Percy Sutton:

Urban Athletics: 113

CPTC: 95

West Side: 86


With each team’s worst two races subtracted:

Urban Athletics: 90

CPTC: 75

West Side: 66


The road to the championship is rough and getting more vertical. But the math gets interesting with our ability to drop two races, and the strength of our long roads team.

Race of the day honors are shared by our #1 and #3 runners on the day, Matt DeAngelis and Eduardo Ribeiro Ferreira. Both set all- time absolute PRs for 5k. Matt ran his best AG% score ever, for races in the NYRR database 5k and above, while Eduardo set a masters AG% best.

This was Matt’s fourth time scoring for the team this year, putting him in second, behind Brad Kelley.


 I had a 36 sec Masters PR on the day.  I haven’t run a 5K since July 2015, so it was fun to get back to a shorter distance, even though it was out of my comfort zone.    This was the first time I’ve run this race so the first mile surprised me a bit with the hill and the race went by pretty quick, but it was fun.   Great job by our Masters group on another top 3 finish, go Orange!

Eduardo Ribeiro Ferreira registered his first score for the year, on his third attempt and was 6th in the 40-44.

Mohammed Lahseni was our second scorer, turning in his best AG score of 2016 and setting a masters PR for 5k. Mohammed doubled back the next day at Van Cortlandt, winning the 45-49 after finishing second at Percy Sutton.

Daniel Ifcher (18:26/78.85%/7th 45-49) set a masters PR for 5k at Percy Sutton. Daniel has raced five scoring races this year, tied for second.


I had a good race. I am in build-up phase for NYC Marathon, so I’ve been running some heavy mileage.  I ran about 7 mi up to the race and planned to run home, so my race goal was to come in at or below 6 min pace.  Pretty much that is what I did – ran mile 1 in 6 flat, and pulled it around a few secs below 6 min pace.  For those who were right around that pace, we had to run around 2 fire trucks that crossed the race course.  We were right at the start of the break and the police tried to stop us – I went right, behind the 1st truck and in front of the second.  There was no way I was going to stop in the middle of a race.  Ha!  Something that has never happened to me in a race. 

 Jeff Garnett set an all-time best AG score for races in the NYRR database:18:34/75.46%/12th 40-44. If he can do that in the hot and humid, I think we will see good things in the fall.


Saturday was a nice comeback after a team champs to forget. I think my top AG performance in a NYRR race.

Nigel Francis put in a good one – his best AG score in three years: 18:50/77.21%/9th 45-49. Nigel really loves racing – he did the NYC Triathlon this year and has 136 races in the NYRR database.

Two teammates had their best AG score of 2016: Gerd  Zeibig (19:09/72.12%/21st 40-44) and Kimihiko Oishi (20:43/69.64%/28th 45-49).

2016 Scorers:

5: Brad Kelley

4: Matt DeAngelis

3: Eric Lattin

2: Mohammed Lahseni

2: David Greenberg

1: Eduardo Ribeiro Ferreira

1: Tim Stockert

1: Coleman Cowan

1: Josh Rayman

1: Cary Segall

1: Peter Brady

1: Dan Gay

Participation in scoring races – David Alm has the lead but there are many tied for second.

6: David Alm

5: Brad Kelley

5: Mohammed Lahseni

5: John Milone

5: Tim Stockert

5: Jeff Garnett

5: Daniel Ifcher

5: David Greenberg

5: Nigel Francis

5: Jesus Ansede Ferreiro

News from outside NYRR events:

If you’ve been wondering where Coleman Cowan has been all summer – he has been training and racing hard:


I’ve been in triathlon mode this summer, but am now slowly shifting back to running. I did Ironman Mont Tremblant last Sunday. Long day in a downpour (11:44:42), but I managed to cut about 26 minutes off my time from Ironman Lake Placid last summer.

 David Alm was part of the repeat champion mixed open team at Hood to Coast – averaging 6:27 pace over 199 miles. Beyond the team win, David ran some blinding splits when he had the baton:

My own personal achievement, though, was a 34:02 10K to start the race. I went through four miles in just under 22:00 and came through 5 in around 27:30. So if it had only been a stand-alone race, I could have PR’d in the 4-mile, 5-mile, and/or 10K. Alas.

Back in NYC, David ran a 5:00 mile at Fifth Avenue.

Your correspondent has divided his time between running and rowing this summer – I raced on the water twice, including the masters national championship, where my teammate and I finished third in the lightweight double. I look forward to getting back into running shape for cross country and indoor track.

On to the Bronx and the long races of the fall. Traditionally we do better in the team competition as the races get longer – I’m looking forward to seeing us race hard and get some wins.

David Greenberg


2016 Percy Sutton 5k CPTC mens 60+ Race Report

Yes, our 60+ men continue to prove to be the running version of a Richard Strauss quote, “I may not be a first-rate composer, but I am a first-rate second-rate composer.” We have spirit and we get the job done, but Taconic and Brooklyn are blessed with younger and faster feet, Brooklyn is pretty much untouchable at this stage in the game, while Taconic owns 2nd place. The 2016  battle of 60+ men is for 3rd place; today we held off the barbarians, edging out Witold’s. We picked up 10 points and are now 10 points up on them for the season. The goose egg we earned by not having 3 finishers at the Brooklyn Half would make a wonderful re-gifting contribution to our 2 mulligans if we can continue to maintain our place in the standings.

We had a fine day at the fair with 2 first in age groups: Hank & GeorgeGary continues to show his chops. Doug and Chris were well matched. Harry and Chip are getting stronger. Dave is a faithful, always a sunny disposition. Phil showed but scratched. Let’s hope he will be good for the Bronx 10 miler. Allan got squeezed out by work.


Hank Schiffman            20:23                6:34                  83.15%

Gary Gosselin               21:49                7:02                  74.47%

Doug Labar                   23:09                7:27                  69.56%

Chris Neuhoff                23:20                7:31                  71.38%

Harry Lichtenstein          26:30                8:32                  62.34%

Chip Olsen                    26:42                8:36                  64.08%

George Hirsch               28:24                9:09                  76.77%

Dave Delano                 29.12                9:24                  59.85%


Hank Schiffman:

I pushed hard to catch up, then keep up, and eventually getting dropped by Amy, knowing she would bolt in the last few hundred meters, which she most certainly did.

Earlier on Convent, I spied Kathryn Martin and noticedas slowly gaining on her. At the turn onto Convent Terrace I passed her. The next day at the Isola 4 mile XC her pace was 7:12 to my 7:30.

Harlem was good to me. It was my highest AG% of the season, “sometimes the magic works, sometimes it doesn’t.”

Doug Labar:

Although my time was nothing to write home about, I was very glad to be able to help the team and score for once (only the second time ever).  Now for a quick turn around for the uniform laundry, in preparation for the 5th Avenue Mile.

Kevin McGuire reporting on 100 on 100 http://www.100on100.org/:

“On August 13th our team of six ran from Stowe Vt to Okemo Vt. 100 miles on Route 100 aka “100 on 100”.

Four CPTC teammates (McGuireDelanoVasquezTripp) plus our friend Alan (Heblack) and my neighbor Linda

We each did 3 legs. Lots & lots of hills and a couple of covered bridges. My wife drove the van and made sure to be at each transition for the runner exchanges.

Everyone had a fantastic time and many hearty laughs. Clearly we were the oldest group of runners with an average age of 66. We still managed to finish quicker than few teams. 

We had to dodge some thunderstorms and run a some legs in the rain but it all worked out fine. 

The other teams and runners all had a great time as well. The race was well organized with many volunteers and included a big hot meal at the Okemo base lodge finish.

And “of course” we got to spent the night before the race at the Von Trapp Family Ski Lodge. The hills are still alive with the sound of music.”

The Brooklyn Mile, CPTC finishers:



Masters                        1st        Gerry O’Hara                             4.50.79


50 to 59                        2nd       Mikal Christoph Scott    5.30.75

60 to 69                        1st        Allan Dias                                 6.11.15

2nd       Douglas Labar                          6.26.15

70 & Over         1st        Hal Lieberman               7.18.76

Report by Doug Labar:

Well, the 60 + men were happy at the inaugural Brooklyn Mile, despite “real feel” temps approaching triple digits.

As for the course, there were a few minor ups and downs, but mostly it was flat and straight.  There was a little festival with some free bling and bananas etc. in the state park near the finish.

Hal took first in 70 +, Allan took first in 60 +, and I took second in 60 +.  Younger CPTC runners did well also.

The shirt was a nice technical, and I got a Manhattan decal on the back of mine, no charge.  And there were beer glasses (empty, though), to all finishers (photo attached).  Overall, a fun event.

Report on the 2016 Henry Isola 4 miler XC:

This traditional start to cross country season tends to be a challenge in the lingering heat of summer. Today was no exception. Vault Hill never fails to impress its degree verticality, both times. Yet the park has never looked as beautiful. Cross country is a wonderful thing.

Hank: My quads protested as I descended the stairs from the #1 train at the park prior to the race; they were not pleased to race a second day in a row. The best I could offer them was a long, slow warm up. They were well-behaved for the first 2.5 miles although not all that fast. After that the pack with Captain ChrisRon Romano and Kathryn Martin near the front pulled away leaving me in no man’s land. If it wasn’t for the clock I would say I had a good race. The takeaway was that there was no fooling my legs and the clock.

Hank Schiffman            29:59    7:30                  73.79% (5th male AG for this race? huh?)

Hal Lieberman               38:57    9:45                  60.91%

Dave Delano                 41:42    10:26    54.70%

Judith Tripp                   40:39    10:10    67.25% (7th female AG)


The coming Bronx 10 miler & the Staten Island Half:

8 am, Sunday, September 25th is our next team pointer, 10 miles in the Bronx. Last year we had 3 finishers and took 1st place. Registered this year are PhilDanGaryKevinAllanHank, and I believe Harry. Registration is closed; short of injuries and training, the die is cast.

We only have 3 starters for Staten Island and registration is nearing capacity. It’s a good one. Consider racing it for the Orange and Blue!

Reported by Hank Schiffman

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