Race Reports from the Masters Women: Front Runners

eliz lopes
Elizabeth Lopes
Photo: Ben Ko
From Ani Go of the 40+:
We’re on a tear! And tearing up the roads is how we do!
In the Retro 4-miler, the women’s masters 40+ team took home the gold!  Our amazing scoring team of Colleen McGurk (25:13, 3rd in her age group), Judy Stobbe (Superstar from the 50+ team, 26:43, 2nd in her age group), and Amy Kvilhaug (27:09, 8th in age group) fled ahead of the tie-dyed headband and leg warmer wearing themed runners to lead our 40+ team to victory!  Amy had this to say: “This was my first race back post-injury and I was happy to be able to contribute to the team.  Colleen and Judy killed it!  Despite the fact that I wasn’t able to execute as well as I do when I have better a better conditioning level, the fact that I ran it and finished was a victory for me”.
We had a full stable of 40+ ladies! Jennifer Ranck, bringing it to the road as well as the track, had a strong race.  She says “(35:23) Sunday’s 4M I was at 8:30ish pace for miles 1, 2 and 4 but mile 3 with West Drive hills dragged me down – ugh those hills! Tony/Devon need to put hill repeats in my workouts (have a great killer hill at work (mile-long incline)!!”.  Julie Tucker, another one of our fantastic 40+ runners, also made the top 10 of her age group, running 29:50!
I also have to make note of all the old school singlets I saw among the masters men.  A long time ago our colors were white and orange.  I learned a bit of history today!
Congrats to all our masters and open teams–every single team made the podium!
I love rainbows.  And I especially love rainbow ice pops on a summer day in June!
Conditions and the course for the FRNY 5-miler have always been a challenge.  The Harlem hills on a sticky summer morning and the notably hilly upper 5-mile loop is not a fan favorite.  But a battle run hard on the course is immensely satisfying.  Our hearts were with the victims of the tragic event in Orlando as we run this race. We support our friends in the LGBT community and must never be dismissive of their lives and struggles in our society.
Hey!  Ladies 40+masters made the podium, coming in 3rd for our most colorful points race!  Our scoring team was led by Elizabeth Lopes (34:37) who has consistently scored every time she runs!  Next up was Amy Kvilhaug (35:07).  The Lady Amy reflects on her race: “Kudos to the masters 40+ team for finishing 3rd!  Elizabeth ran very strong and Wanda gave us a great effort, scoring for both the 40’s and 50’s team.  It is so impressive to me to see our masters runners score for younger divisions.  Personally, I did not run very well – things started great and I was hitting my goal paces right on.  My breathing became quite an issue around mile 2.5 and it was essentially a suffer fest of survival the rest of the way.  This is such a challenging race with the combination of running up every hill CP has to offer and the fact that it’s always warm and humid.  Congrats to all CPTC who came out to brave the conditions and represent.  It was nice to run in memory of the victims of the recent Orlando tragedy as well.  Very moving speech by Peter Ciaccia pre-race”.  Filling out the 40+ scoring team was Wonder Wanda Wang (37:41) who also led for the 50+ scoring team!
We had another great turnout–40+ masters ladies represent!  Jennifer Ranck (45:22) once again steps up: “Today was a tough day – extra mile (closing in on my distance tolerance and with those North Hills) – in the beginning and midst of race I felt strong and faster but the additional distance and heat definitely took their toll. Overall mileage not quite matching 5M races (more in tune with 5K/4M)…team camaraderie always a boost and did feel the faster speed and strength at times during the race – still long road ahead but I am running injury-free and healthy even if slowly”.  Sound the horns!  Audrey Kingsley takes to the road in support, running a very strong 37:51, coming in top 10 of her age group!
Another race where the color orange is the most prominent color at the top!  Every single one of our teams took one of the top 3 spots!  Congrats all!
From Sylvie Kimche of the 50+ and 60+:


On a glorious early summer morning, 5 of our W60+ runners and the lone Wanda Wang of the W50+ team toed the line of the Front Runner’s LGBT Pride Run 5miler.


The W60+ got 1st place ahead of Mercury Masters by 25mns…Our main competition this year, Van Cortland TC, did not field a team for this race, so we were able to get ahead in total points (CPTC 64 to VCTC 57). But if you remove one race, they are still ahead by 3 points 57 to 54. So it will be a heated competition for the rest of the year!

The 2 top scorers for the W60+ team were the “usual suspects“:
Barbara B in first place for the team and 2nd in her age group in 40:21, an 8:05 pace. In her own words:
“I don’t know what to say about the race.  Don’t want to be a repetitive whiner.
Apparently I was so weak that I didn’t push the button hard enough to start my watch running!
So I don’t have an accurate idea of my pace through the race, other than over 8 minutes miles for sure.  Again I have to own up to two or three walk breaks – where the heck has my mental resolve vanished to? – but good thing is I felt better on the last mile and did try to push into the finish line”
I’m sure you’ll get your mojo back Barbara! In the meantime, don’t worry about your time and try to just enjoy running….?

Your team captain, Sylvie, was 2nd for the team and 1st in her age group in 41:17, an 8:16 pace.
Here are my comments:

” I knew that i was not going to have a very good race due to emotional distress in the past weeks/months and also due to dental surgery last week…. In fact, this was my slowest pace in a short race in years… but i was happy to be out there, celebrating life, running for the team, for the LBGT rights and for human rights in general. And i had a great time with my delightful CPTC teammates after the race. Thank you all for your support! (…and i hope to be back to a faster pace for the Team Ch’ps…)

The 3rd scorer was our long-time member Deborah B, coming back from numerous knee issues. When she learned that she had scored for the team, this is what she wrote:
” I’m in awe of my teammates and just very relieved to contribute. “
We’re so glad to have you back Deb!
Rounding out the team but not scoring this time were Barbara F & Rebecca G who sandwiched the race between 2 longish runs as a long training run for their upcoming Jack and Jill marathon in North Bend, WA on July 31.

Good luck for this race, Barbara & Rebecca!

W50+ Recap:

Wanga W was the sole runner for the W50+ team. She was helped by Barbara B and Sylvie who completed the team in 2nd and 3rd place respectively.
In any case, the W50+ team managed to place 2nd, just a few seconds behind the Williamsburg TC and a few seconds ahead of Van Cortland TC. So they stay in 1st place overall. Congrats!!!

Wanda ran 37:41, a 7:33 pace, good for 2nd in her age group. Of course she scored 1st for the W50+ team. And for good measure, she too double-dipped and was 3rd for the W40+ team, helping them to 3rd place.

In her own words:
“Thank you Sylvie and Barbara! Without you guys there would be no 2nd place for 50+ women!!!

Glad I showed up too! Team work. I love it. Hanging out for the raffles were fun too!

Congrats to the 60+ team! You guys are my hero!!!  :0) ”

Thanks to Tony and our other teammates cheering along the course.

And congrats to all our CPTC teams for their once again excellent results.

Meanwhile our own Mary Rosado, always doing all kinds of competition (track – including short & longer stuff and also the steeple chase – cross-country and road races) tried something new this Saturday: a “mud and obstacle 5k race” called 5K Rugged Maniac. Here are her comments:
“So team mates, I finally completed my very first mud and obstacle 5k race.   My unofficial time was 1:15.  I did not know that I would be completing 25 obstacles in 3.1 miles.   We ran 2 miles and in that time completed 11 obstacles including crawling through a pipe and net.  There were lots of climbing obstacles and I had to be creative to get to first hold because I am so short.
Actually, I enjoyed those the most even though I am scared of heights.  The slide scared me to no end but I made it.   In full disclosure, I skipped 3 obstacles I tried but could not do them: the balance beam and the rings and Ninja. My friend and I are fine today — no aches, no bruises.   wait until tomorrow….    “

Mary, you will always surprise us… Congrats!

Next for road warriors is Team Ch’ps on July 30. Let’s get ready for the most competitive race of the year!

Go Orange!
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