Race Reports from the Women: Washington Heights


Ivette Ramirez

Photo: NYRR

From Jacy Kruzel of the Open:

Great day for the CPTC New Balance Open women, taking home 1st place!  The team was led by Ivette Ramirez dominating the field with a 17:19 win and a 32 second PR!

Another podium finisher was Andrea Bradshaw, coming through the line in 3rd place, in a speedy 17:52.  Christina Argueta also broke the 18 min barrier as our third scorer in 17:57.  Rounding out the scoring positions were Jacy Kruzel and a big 14 second PR to Alysia Dusseau in 18:14! Lauren &  Lidia Garcia were  closely behind with sub 19 races on a hilly course! We had some stellar course PRs in Tara Conroy‘s 19:33 (28 seconds!) and  Isabelle Fiduccia’s 20:44.  Chelsea Mailler’s first race in the orange & blue was an impressive 19:02, a 45 second PR and second in her age group!!!  Jena Tiernan had a 17 second PR, running 20:20, even while training for a marathon! We had lots of other great races by Erin Conroy, Ambreleah Dusseau, Irma Bribiesca, and Dani Sturtz! Great to see so much Orange and Blue out there on a cold morning!


Cat Beck

Other stellar CPTC Performances happening outside of Washington Heights… Cat Beck ran her first marathon in Napa Valley, breaking the tape in a FAST 2:52:34!  Jenn Busse also ran her first marathon in a BQ time of 3:17:51!  Congrats girls!

We did not want to sign off without a belated congratulations to Sari Aviv, who ran a huge PR of 1min, 41 secs to finish FIRST OVERALL in the Go Hard or Go Home Half Marathon last month in 1:28:44.

Best of luck to everyone getting ready for the NYC Half and make sure to sign up for spring races ASAP!


From Ani Go of the 40+:


Just getting to the point–or in the case for this race, to the end of the hill by the Cloisters.  OY!  Our 40+ ladies had an absolutely fantastic turnout, with so much talent and grit out there I can feel it in my teeth! Our season debut in 2nd place is a great place to start and I couldn’t be more pleased and proud of everyone who ran and came out to cheer.  Here’s how it went down!

Our scorers:

2 CPTC New Balance            01:01:10

Colleen McGurk                   19:32

Judy Stobbe                         20:30

Elizabeth Lopes (Kaicher)     21:08

Colleen McG:

I really wasn’t sure how this one was going to play out as I was a bit sick this week and had to take a few days off and just rest! Although I didn’t feel 100% on Sunday, I knew I felt good enough to give it a go!

Mile 1 wasn’t too bad. I got there at 6:12 and felt comfortable. My goal was to stay around this pace, get into a rhythm and pick it up after the hill at 2.5 – I was able to hold it but after that last hill, I didn’t have it in me for any kick and felt awful – I just tried to stay comfortable and get to the finish!! 

Thanks to Tony, Roberta, Devon, John, Jerome and everyone else out there cheering!!! It helped a lot!!

Although I was planning for a bit faster of a time, I’ll take it! 19:32 – It was a 30 second course PR and I placed 3rd in my AG – Masters 40 women also took 2nd!! Woo Hoo!!! Overall a great day!!

Judy Stobbe was our second scorer and also scored for her 50+ team, taking home 1st place for the 50+ ladies and grabbing 2nd in her age group.  The season start has already been a rich plunder for Ms Stobbe!

Elizabeth Kaicher: 

I was surprised at how cold it was at the starting line, but was happy to be out there wearing orange and proud to be part of the women’s 40+ second place team.  Yesterday was the first time I had ever run that race – challenging and fun!

We were deep with great races from our 40+ well of talent.  Next on our crew was Susan Doyle-Lindrud who ran 21:22, and Julie Tucker (new, not listed, but will be next race!) who had this to say about her race: “Just showed up and ran!  I am happy with my time given the lack of training.  I ran a 22:56!”

Your little Captain decided to take in the scenery and was pleased to be out and running.  My tour of the Heights took 24:30 to complete.

Jennifer Ranck had a great race, running 26:57 in her debut for the course!

Congrats to all who ran, and to our women and men’s open and masters teams!  We all placed on the podium and what an incredible start to our 2016 season!

The great performances don’t stop there though. In Florida, on Valentine Day weekend, our very own Amy Kvilhaug ran a preview 5k just to warm up the distance for us!

Says Ms Amy:

While down in Miami for a softball tournament, I snuck away on Saturday morning to run the Fort Lauderdale 5k.  For the first time in a while I broke 20!  Ran a 19:56, good for second overall female.  It was a small race, but I was psyched.  I executed pretty well and felt better than I expected after travel, coaching and late nights.  Relatively flat course but there were two bridge overpasses and quite a bit of turns which added some challenges.  Representing CPTC in south Florida was fun.  Weather was perfect this morning too – 55 degrees and sunny.

LOVE THIS!!! Our northern orange representing in the south!

See y’all out there for Scotland 10k!




From Sylvie Kimche of the 50+ and 60+:

The CPTC ladies Orange were out in force for this year’s Washington Heights 5K on a coldish and windy morning, Sunday March 6 (3 first place: Open, W50+ & W60+ and one 2nd place W40+!!!) as well as Ivette Ramirez winning the women’s race. Way to go and congrats to all!

Here is the recap for the W60+ and W50+

The W60+ team was represented by old-timers (Lynn Blackstone, a CPTC founder – how much more old-timer can you get? – and your truly, your team captain, member since 1989…) and our newest members (Barbara Fratta and Rebecca Guenther, so new that they could not even score for the team!) and everyone in between.

Lynn ran 34:36, an 11:09 pace and was 1st in her W75-79 age group:

I ran to my training that hasn’t been much so far in 2016, had fun and look forward to being better prepared for the next one!

Barbara Fratta was credited with 29:02, a 9:21pace good for 4th in her W65-69 age group (according to her Garmin, though, her time was 28:43, a 9:16 pace…)

Barbara’s comments about the race,

1. Too many people in wrong corral and walking in first mile. Volunteers need to be more vigilant.  

  1. Do not like the 30sec start between corrals. Too long a wait in the cold after my warm-up.

Rebecca Guenther ran 30:38, a 9:52 pace and did not have any comments but was happy to meet and be welcomed by the rest of the W60+ team after the race

The W60+ team was 1st, in a total time of 1:16:37, i.e 2mn ahead of 2nd team Van Cortland TC in 1:18:40.

Our 3 scoring runners were Judith, Barbara B and Sylvie

Judith was our surprise and welcome 3rd place for the team, as she was not sure she could come up and run. She ran 28:48, a 9:17 pace and was 3rd in her W65-69 age group

In her own words:

I ran up to 168th Street with a couple of friends (testing a minimal pair of shoes for longer distance) with no clear idea of whether I would actually do the race.  However, I managed to get through the scrum at the Armory in time and toed the line with no great expectations.  I don’t think I’ve run a 5K for quite a while and my time wasn’t very fast, but I enjoyed it and didn’t find it too horribly crowded.  Congratulations to all of our teams on a great race!

Barbara, just recovering from her stress fracture sustained during the NYCM ran 24:15, a 7:49 pace, good for 4th in her very competitive W60-64 age group. time She was quite happy with her time and race, considering how sluggish she had felt in the past 3-4 months. I predict that she’ll be back to her fast times in no time at all (and I should enjoy my being ahead of her in this race as I’m sure it will not happen again anytime soon…?)

sylvie ben ko

Sylvie Kimche

Photo: Ben Ko

Sylvie, your team captain, ran 23:34, a 7:35 pace , good for 1st in the W65-69 age group and good for 1st in the AG% competition. I was very happy with my 52″ improvement on last year’s result…but got deflated when i saw my age grading of only 88.38%. That’s because despite my faster time, they’ve switched to the much tougher 2015 AG tables…Oh well, we all better get used to it…?

The full contingent of our CPTC W50+ ladies were here to race (here again old-timers and newer members): Judy Stobbe, Stacy Creamer, Sue Pearsall and Wanda Wang. Unfortunately only can three score for the team.

Wanda ran 23:12, a 7:28 pace and did not score this year as Sue joined the W50-54 age group late last year and took 3rd place for the team.

Sue ran 22:24, a 7:13 pace and was 5th in her age group

Stacy was 2nd for the team. She ran 21:31, a 6:56 pace, good for 3rd in her age W55-59 group and a 82.19% AG% (with the new tougher 2015 tables…)

Judy (who had stellar results on the track this winter) stepped up to a road race line and was 1st for the team, in 20:30, a 6:36 pace, good for 2nd in her W50-54 age group and a 80:64% AG%.

Judy also double-dipped (the only one to do so this time) and was 2nd for the W40+ team. Way to go Judy!!!

Congrats to the men’s teams too who all “podiumed” (Stacy’s favorite word ?) with the M50+ taking “best in show”

Thanks for the cheering to coach Tony and Devon and all our other non-racing teammates on the course.

On to Scotland Run 10K on April 2!



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