Race Reports from the Women: NYCM and XC

Thanks to Matt Trappe and Strava for the photo of Amy!

From XC Captain Sue Pearsall:

The XC Season is underway and we have a group of fast committed runners. Six of us toed the line in Saratoga for the USATF Masters 5k XC Championship. This race is no joke and I am so proud of all of us. Colleen led the team with a speedy 19:41, followed by Judy Stobbe (20:07) who earned a third place medal in the 50+ category, Amy Kvilhaug (20:19), Sue Pearsall (21:09), Wanda Wang (22:48) and Judith Tripp (28:57-taking 4th in her age group).
The team places in 4th behind some heavy competition but our team was by far the most impressive with only a 38 second spread! Way to go ladies, that is teamwork.
Great job, so proud of everyone. We will be toeing the line over the next weeks, ending the XC season with a nice group traveling to San Francisco for XC Nationals.
From 40+ Captain Ani Go:
This little roadster hit the hills at Vanny C yesterday at the Harry Murphy 5k! As we all stood in the grass waiting for the start, the sun scattered the clouds away, the winds died down, and it warmed up for a gorgeous afternoon.
It was my first XC race of the season, and coming back from a long knee injury, I was going to enjoy it! The course was as wild and beautiful as my memory served, and I was slow, but thanks to the cheers from Sue, Chris, Amy, Devon, and others I was too delirious to pinpoint, the finish line welcomed me and it was triumphant!
Two things of note about this race: it’s the first time I’ve fallen (running UP a hill ?) and Jena and I managed a photo with Mary Cain!
And there was Lloyd’s carrot cake afterwards, of course!
Go orange! ?
Ani ?

From Sylvie Kimche of the 60+:

We did not have a W60+ team for the NYCM ( for that matter no W40+ or W50+ either). Only our intrepid Barbara toed the line.
Here are her comments, in her own words.

Regarding the marathon, I was pretty happy with the day. (*NB: her finishing time was 4:01:50). In retrospect, I wish I had run faster, but going into it I didn’t have great expectations so I should just be satisfied.  I hadn’t trained well because my foot  has been bothering me all summer, and because I had family in and out of the house and couldn’t find time/motivation to apply myself.  The foot problem was worse the last two or three weeks so I kept changing my mind whether to run but at the last, decided I needed to follow through with what I set out to do and suffer the consequences.  Which would appear to be a stress fracture (*NB: it is indeed a stress fracture…). Pace was fairly even, though I was perhaps a little too fast for the first 10k.
Then I pretty much settled down and for the first time in my life, took a Gu every 6 miles.  Perhaps that helped because I didn’t feel a need to stop or walk, quite surprising for me on such a warm day.  I came across my friend Margaret at mile 18;  she wasn’t feeling good.  For 3 or 4 miles I tried to help her out of her funk and get her going again but then I lost her and decided that perhaps I was annoying her more than helping, so carried on alone.  Would have been delighted to come in under 4 hours, but that wasn’t to be. 
Best part of the day was shaking hands with George Hirsch just across the finish line – thanks to my CPTC shirt.  I felt very privileged to be greeted by this gentleman.

Despite not fielding a team for the NYCM, the W60+ team is still first in the overall standings for 2015. As long as we have a team for the last race, the Ted Corbitt 15k on Dec 12, we will cinch first place W60+ team for 2015!

Way to go team! 🙂

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